Parking around Boston is normally a question for people who choose to drive somewhere rather than take the T. If you are visiting our office for the first time, these instructions and pictures will be helpful. There are two places you can park your car when visiting our dental office in Brookline Village.

1. Free Option: Our patients usually like to find street parking on Pond Avenue. It’s free – just be sure to follow the signage up on the street. We do not recommend parking in the parking lot for Olmstead Park, next to Leverett Pond. It is strictly for visiting the park and you may get a ticket. The top picture shows Pond Avenue with cars parked on the right side of the road.

2. Paid Parking: The Brook House has a parking garage that accepts credit cards and cash. You can pay in the lobby on your way out and the rates run around $6 for one hour and $10 for two hours. The entrance is located off Route 9, pictured to the right.

Walking Directions to enter our office: In the top picture, you enter the building under the green awning that says 33 Pond Avenue. If you park in the parking garage, you walk into the Brook House courtyard and enter building 33 on your left. Check in with the security desk and walk to Suite 103.

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