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Dr. Juriansz works to make his dentures look beautiful and helps you smile with confidence. We use high-quality dental labs and materials to ensure natural-looking dentures or partials. We want your smile to be something you wear with confidence.

How do you replace missing teeth?

A denture is a removable appliance for missing teeth and gum tissues. It is made of a processed acrylic base with customized teeth. A complete denture replaces most or all of your teeth and a partial denture replaces one tooth or only a few. If you are missing teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Juriansz to see if a denture or partial might be a solution for you.

Dentures help improve chewing ability, and provide support for your facial muscles. A partial denture is also important to stabilize your teeth and prevents other teeth from changing position.

How are Dentures Made?

A denture is made from an impression and wax bite taken from your mouth. This determines the vertical dimensions and proper jaw position. At the next appointment, a “try-in” is placed to assure proper color, shape, and fit. Then the patient`s final denture is placed, following any minor adjustments.

If you are needing teeth to be extracted or pulled, you do not need to worry that you will have to go without any teeth. If the impression of your mouth is taken before the teeth are removed, you can receive the denture the day the teeth are pulled.

There is usually a healing period when the bones and gums will shrink over time. After this healing period, the denture may require a rebase or reline to ensure the fit is perfect.

Dr. Juriansz takes time with each patient to make sure the denture or partial is comfortable. We also educate our patients on how to care for their denture.

Please contact Brookline Village Dental for a consultation in our Brookline dentist office to know what kind of periodontal treatment will benefit you the most.

Denture Examples from Brookline Village Dental.

Upper and Lower Denture
Patient smiling with full upper denture

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