Dental Crowns

If you’re looking for a Brookline cosmetic dentist to do your crowns, Dr. Peter Juriansz will help you achieve the beautiful smile you desire. Our staff makes scheduling and visits convenient and easy, and we will give you gorgeous, natural-looking results. When doing restorative work, Dr. Juriansz takes the time to make his crowns look real and beautiful.

What Are Crowns?

Dr. Juriansz uses crowns to replace part of a tooth that has been damaged or decayed, anchor a dental bridge or cover an implant. The crown caps off the missing part of the tooth using synthetic material such as porcelain. Besides improving your bite and restoring the function of your tooth, crowns are used for aesthetic purposes. Contact us to make and appointment — Dr. Juriansz and his staff will restore your radiant smile.

How Do Crowns Work?

In order to place a crown over a tooth, Dr. Juriansz will reduce the tooth in order for the crown to fit properly. He will take a mold of the tooth that will result in a custom-designed crown. A temporary crown that is natural in appearance will hold the place of the tooth until Dr. Juriansz can cement the permanent crown on top of the tooth. A crown is not the same thing as a veneer, it covers the entire tooth.

With proper care, you can help maintain the life of your crown. Careful flossing around the crown to reduce plaque and debris will help your crown last close to ten years or more. Teeth clenching or grinding (also called bruxism) can damage crowns. Eating brittle food or candy and chewing ice should also be avoided. Call our office today for a consultation.

Before and after photos of crowns that were done by Dr. Juriansz at Brookline Village Dental.


A patient broke his front tooth


A crown was placed on the front tooth by Dr. Juriansz


Broken teeth that need crowns


Both front teeth crowned by Dr. Juriansz

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