Summer is just around the corner which means barbeques and pool parties! However, the foods you enjoy eating most during the summer can also cause damage and stains to your teeth. Below are a few tips so you can still enjoy the best part of summer.

  • Iced coffee. Waking up to the hot morning sun and drinking a cold ice coffee sounds perfect. However, the outer layer of your teeth are very porous causing unwanted stains. Tip: Drink through a straw, reducing your teeth’s exposure to the coffee.
  • Blueberries. There’s nothing like cooling off on a hot summer’s day than with a big handful of blueberries. Nutritious and delicious, blueberries are naturally sweet and contain cancer fighting antioxidants. However, the dark blue causes the teeth to stain very easily. Tip: Try brushing after. If you are unable brush, rinse your mouth out with water to prevent the stains from setting in.
  • Barbeque Sauce. What’s a barbeque without barbeque sauce? Most do not know that barbeque sauce is very high in sugar and contains brown dyes which all contribute to the break down and staining of your teeth. Tip: Brush a very small amount for flavor and try to brush directly after.
  • Popsicles. Summer and popsicles go hand in hand however, the wild flavors and bright colors do a number on staining your teeth, tongue, and gums. Tip: Try a popsicle lighter in color, such as vanilla or lemon.

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