The debate continues on whether or not you should remove your amalgam fillings and replace them with composite fillings. Most metal dental fillings are amalgams which consist of a stable alloy made with mercury, copper, tin, silver, and possibly other metals. Do these materials pose a threat on our health due to the mercury? Studies have been done to test the levels of mercury vapors released from the amalgam filling. Research is still incomplete due to the lack of knowledge on how much mercury exposure is too much. However, there no evidence that amalgam restoration is hazardous to your health. The American Dental Association deems amalgams as a safe material to use for the effective treatment of dental decay.

All in all, amalgam fillings have been used by dentists for years and are still being used today. They are made from dependable materials that last years; however, there are alternatives that are cosmetically more pleasing.

Ask your dentist to explain the different options specific to your case before making a decision on whether this is right for you.

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