If you have dental insurance, there is a strong probability your plan runs on a calendar year with a benefit maximum. That means each year you are allotted an amount of money – say $1000 – and after you insurance has paid $1000 they will not pay any more. In order for you to get the most out of your insurance and reduce your out-of-pocket spending, it’s important you work with our Brookline Village Dental office manager on your treatment plan.

You can save money out of pocket when you can plan out your dental treatment. It’s best to see Dr. Juriansz regularly for check-ups to avoid dental emergencies and unexpected expenses. At the end of each year (Oct-Dec), it’s best to evaluate your treatment plan and see if there is anything you need treated. Then, you can use the rest of your insurance for that treatment saving you next year’s $1,000 for other dental work that may arise.

Another way to save money is to call our office before you enroll in a flex-spending account at work. We can review with you your treatment plan and you can allocate your funds in your flex spending account with the necessary co-pays for next year. That way your dental co-payments are tax free.

If you have financial or insurance dental questions, always feel free to call our Brookline office. At Brookline Village Dental we make sure all of our treatment is affordable and help you understand your treatment and associated costs.

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