All kids want to get pillow cases full of candy every year for Halloween but, as a parent, you know that having too much candy can be extremely harmful to their teeth and overall health. This is a great time of year to teach your kids good oral health habits without depriving them of their treats. Below are a few tips and “tricks” to try to ensure they have a fun and cavity free Halloween!

  1. Avoid eating the sticky and gooey treats such as caramel unless you can ensure excellent brushing soon after. These end up sticking around and hiding in the nooks of the teeth causing decay and cavities. Plain chocolate is best!
  2. Remind your children to brush after eating their candy. If they are not able to, rinse with water to remove the sugar that was left behind.
  3. Do not allow them to have access to all their candy. Make it a treat after they have a healthy meal or after their homework.
  4. Keep other parents’ kids healthy by handing out something besides candy! For example, stickers, fake teeth, pencils, pretzels or chips make for a fun change!

Happy Halloween!

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