Why Is Preventive Care So Important?

Your mouth is constantly host to high levels of normal bacteria. If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy for as long as possible you absolutely must take care of them with excellent preventive dental care.

Without preventive dental care, you could start to get gum infections, tooth decay and even bone loss. Once you develop any of these ailments, we can help you repair the damage but it is difficult to improve on nature – keeping your natural teeth in tact and healthy is always the best option.

What Is Preventive Dental Care?
Brookline Village Dental offers a wide range of preventive dental services to Brookline Village and the surrounding areas. Preventive dental care can include services such as:

Where Can I Find a Preventive Care Dentist in Brookine, MA?

Located at 33 Pond Avenue, Suite 103, in Brookline, MA, Dr. Peter Juriansz, DMD, and his staff provide a patient-centered approach to dental care. That means your oral health is at the foundation of everything we do. Brookline Village Dental upholds the highest standards in general and cosmetic dentistry and you are the ultimate decision maker.

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