There’s no substitute for finding personal, informative dental care that is close to your home or work. Because we’re located at 33 Pond Avenue in Suite 103, our office is easy to get to. Call us to make an appointment and Brooke, our office manager, will set you up with a time that fits your schedule.

Why Choose a Dentist in Brookline, Mass?

Choosing a dentist in Brookline, MA, makes regular check-ups and cleanings much more convenient, because our office is close to your home or work. Because we’re a private office, we work with you on a personal level to make sure you understand your health options as well as your financial options.

While it is convenient to have us near where your live or work, Brookline Village Dental patients will tell you that they are happy with more than just the convenient location of our office. The entire staff at Brookline Village Dental strives to build lasting relationships with our patients in hopes that we can serve you for years to come.

Why Choose Dr. Peter Juriansz?

Dr. Peter Juriansz and the entire staff at Brookline Village Dental are committed to providing you with the highest quality dentistry and patient care. Dr. Juriansz will advise you on the many ways you can maintain positive oral care and the freshest image.

You want a dentist who will help guide you, while offering the highest quality dental work. Dr. Juriansz is highly skilled in top dental procedures including porcelain veneers, teeth whiteningdental implants and dental bonding. We use the most effective dentistry techniques to keep your smile beautiful and natural looking.  At Brookline Village Dental, we hold the highest health standards and strive to make your visit to our Brookline office comfortable, secure and convenient.

Your Smile Is What Matters Most

Keeping your smile healthy and happy is what matters most to us. Call us at 617-731-3888 to make an appointment for a cleaning, check-up or dental care at our office in Brookline, Massachusetts today.

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