Great Deal on Night Mouth Guards

At Brookline Village Dental, we offer a great deal on mouth guards. While most dentists charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $750-$960, you can get a custom night mouth guard for $460 at Brookline Village Dental and protect your teeth if you grind them at night.

Why would I need a night mouth guard?

Brookline Village Dental, located in Brookline, Massachusetts, specializes in preventive and cosmetic dentistry, especially treatments like dental implants, veneers and mouth reconstruction. But the most effective way for you to avoid the need for dental reconstruction is to take care of your teeth and mouth with preventive dental treatments.

You can have regular teeth cleanings performed in our Brookline dental office, but sometimes there’s more to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy than simple cleanings. Something seemingly harmless like grinding your teeth can cause serious oral complications over time. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to help minimize the impact of teeth grinding – and we can help.

How does a custom night guard work?

You wear the night guard at night on one dental arch (usually the top arch). The night guard prevents the teeth from grinding against each other. It also can promote a more relaxed and comfortable jaw position, which reduces stress on the jaw joint (TMJ) and muscles in the area.

How do I know if I should see Dr. Jurianz about a night mouth guard?

Do you have chronic, daily headaches because you grind your teeth? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with jaw pain? If you do, contact Brookline Village Dental about a custom night guard fitting. It can help you to stop clenching and grinding before you cause permanent damage to your teeth. A well-constructed, properly fitted night mouth guard can reduce your discomfort and keep you from many other grinding-related problems in the future.

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