Summer is about relaxing and enjoying the time spent outdoors with friends and family where there is usually some type of delicious food or drink in arms reach. Unfortunately, a number of these foods are high in sugar making the teeth more susceptible to cavities. Below are a few tips on what foods and drinks to limit at your next gathering.

  • Soda. It is the most significant dietary source of tooth decay. The acidic sugar can soften the tooth enamel assisting in the formation of cavities. Tip: Substitute a different drink with less sugar or rinse with water after to remove residue.
  • Candy/Ice Cream. Candy and ice cream are packed with sugar and are not only bad for your overall health but also for your teeth. Tip: Downsize your order when going to the ice cream parlor and avoid toppings that add to the amount of sugar.
  • Popsicles. It’s normal to want to sit by the pool with a nice freeze pop but all it is is frozen sugar water that can stain your teeth and cause cavities. Tip: Try a lighter color Popsicle such as vanilla or lemon and be sure to brush your teeth right after.


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